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Are you cuticles dry and rough? Now they don't need to be with our moisturizing cuticle oil that comes in a variety of scents! 

 Scent descriptions:

  • Concha: smells like fresh baked conchitas from your fav panaderia
  • Loquita pebbles: like your favorite fruity cereal from childhood
  • Un Poquito Dramatica: you'll smell like a baby...a bebesota 😅 slathered in whipped coconut clouds
  • Bad Bunni: literally Trix cereal
  • Churro: like fresh yummy churros
  • 11:11 :  FAN FAVORITE ALERT....dreamy cotton candy, pear, cherry, taffy and vanilla
  • Nina fresa: fresh ripe yummy strawberries
  • Luna Lavender Leche: Milky Honey Lavender sopita
  • Cafecito: fresh brewed coffee!

Contains: Safflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil & grapeseed oil

15 ML bottle/.50 OZ