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Cara de Nopal ya no sera un insulto, instead siente el orgullo de tu piel hermosa y bella, y cuidala con  Mas-Cara de Nopal face mask! Our face masks are great because you can mix them with any wet ingredient such as water, tea, yogurt, or egg; to further customize your face mask! 
Vegan, Preservative Free & Cruelty Free
*Product may settle in bottles and appear less full. Spot test mask with any new wet ingredient besides water
Ingredients: Mexican Nopal powder, Green tea powder, benonite clay and Kaolin Clay
  • Mexican Nopal, known to help regenerate skin cells faster
  • green tea powder, contains many antioxidants to help fight wrinkles
  • Bentonite clay, helps absorb skin impurities
  • Kaolin clay, antibacterial clay that can help absorb oil