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Vampiro face mask is inpired by the famous juice, full of antioxidants that have been know to have anti aging properties, while removing impurities. Our face masks are great because you can mix them with any wet ingredient such as water, tea, yogurt, or egg; to further customize your face mask! 
  • Orange peel, loaded with skin loving nutrients
  • Beet powder, rich in antioxidants and face calming 
  • Jamaica, full of antioxidants amino acids, & oligopeptides to cleanse and soften skin
  • Bentonite clay, helps absorb skin impurities
  • Kaolin clay, antibacterial clay that can help absorb oil 
  • alfalfa powder, insane cleansing & purifying properties
  • carrot powder, full of beta carotene and helps with skin dullness